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Let's master climate action design.
In this monthly live training, you'll learn the evidence-based ways to increase the adoption, traction, and engagement of your climate program.
Learn the brain systems and biochemistry that drives motivation, goal-seeking, and action. 
Motivational Psychology
Practice implementing over 50 psychological techniques that grab attention and drive a behavioral response.
Academic Research
Investigate outcomes from peer-reviewed published research in the journal of Environmental Psychology on what drives behavior and action.
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Let's start with behavior mapping
Behavior mapping is the most powerful tool I've discovered, yet few environmental professionals know how to do it. It's a combination of user story mapping (common in software design) blended with my own behavior, nudge and gamification techniques that are relevant to environmental and climate action.

In this workshop we will map out the steps you want your target person to take in a level detail your probably have not experienced. We'll use my signature Behavior Mapping Poster to systematically go through 100 marketing and behavior techniques and see how they fit your purpose.

You'll come out with the skeleton design of any app or software, your marketing plan, sales funnel, and even your whole business model.

Join the workshop on Patreon  Date: September 6th 9am pst
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Learn Katie's Signature Behavior Mapping System
I've taught behavior design to 
United Nations Environment Programme
 U.S. Department of State
European Comission
Dassault Systemes
Stanford University
Institute of the Future
University of California
Biophilic Cities Network
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
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Gamify the Planet Ebook
A snappy PDF that summarize the 49 behavior and gamification techniques.
Behavior Mapping Poster 
I'll send you a real print 22" poster of my life-changing behavior mapping template.
Printable Behavior Cards
Its more fun to learn with cards! You'll get a PDF of 100 explainer cards to print and slice.
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The 12 steps of telling a story that captivates
Every fantasized about giving a mind-blowing TED talk? Few things have changed my life like learning how to wield the power of The Hero's Journey template. It's a story-telling formula that has been distilled through myth and folklore, now regularly used by big Hollywood films, documentaries, pitch decks, and TED talks. In this workshop, I'll teach you how to use it for your non-fiction environmental cause. 
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The evidence: why you should take environmental psychology seriously
Public disclosure of data: The EPA's mandatory disclosure of toxic chemicals caused a 45% reduction in chemical use over five years.
Real-time data: Real-time displays showing kWh got households to cut energy consumption by 8%.
Social imitation: Images and examples of humans engaging in water-efficient showering got a 47% increase in the water-saving behavior.
Social comparison: Comparing energy use in buildings to other similar buildings can get a 30% reduction in kWh use.
Character animals: Cartoon animals that show a happy or sad expression depending on energy performance get a 47% better response than a color or number gauge.
Commitment: Asking people to write down a pledge and posting it publicly increases a person's retention to that commitment by 74%.
Moving house: People are 27% more likely to adhere to pro-environmental behavior after they have moved house.
Guild vs pride: Showing people their environmental performance is below average (guilt) gets a better response than showing people they perform above average (pride).
Money vs CO2: Showing environmental impact in terms of CO2 from electricity gets a 16% better response than showing power use in kWh amongst Democrat voters.
Ambient color: A light that communicates energy consumption using colored LEDs gets people to save 24% more electricity than showing energy use in numerical kWh.
"Katie does an incredible job of introducing concepts in a way that naturally allows you to engage with them. I’m also a huge visual learner, so the presence of a lot of images made this a really enjoyable read for me. Everything needs to change in order to combat the climate crisis, and this book introduces and guides readers through some of the many ways they can take action. Highly recommend!"

Sanjana Paul
Executive Director Earth Hacks, MIT Senseable Cities Lab, x-NASA engineer, Boston.

"I like how Katie brings a lot of optimism, joy and energy into solving environmental problems. Too often those of us looking to work on these issues face a lot of doom and gloom scenarios and are often overwhelmed with the scale of the problems. "Be motivated instead by a positive vision of how beautiful you think the world could be." Instead Katie turns it into a positive challenge to work on solving with some good advice."

- Abby Mohan
Marine Geographer, GIS Analyst
Climate Pathways, San Francisco

"My favorite thing about this course is how Katie presents each technique with several ideas of hi-tech and lo-tech implementations - everything from stickers on walls to interactive hardware displays. This got me thinking more creatively about what's possible in the real world, and outside the confines of just a laptop screen."

- Eugene Otto
Software Engineer, Game programmer and founder of multiple technology startups, Palo Alto.
How to gamify a map
Everything environmental happens on a map! Maps posses untapped potential for us to track environmental progress, behaviors, and action. In this workshop, I'll be teaching how to combine various action and gamification design techniques to a map in a way you can use to encourage your people to take action.
Join the workshop on Patreon Date: 1st November 9am pst

God metrics and progress bars
Tracking progress is all that matters - yet it's almost always forgotten. In this workshop I will help you identify your "God metric" and sketch out how you will track the progress of your members. You can do this with progress bars, dots, badges. 
Sign up on Patreon Workshop: 1st Tuesday of the month 9am pst
Structuring your levels
Often change-makers tend to want to clump a massive change on people all at once - it's too much! In this workshop, I'll help you tease your process of change into discrete levels that allow people to take baby steps and graduate up to advanced levels. 
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Star charts and time-based challenges
Star charts are a powerful yet often overlooked means to get people to commit to a new behavior. They can be used for personal actions, UI/UX design, or for larger system-wide goals. In this workshop I'll show you some variations on how to apply them to your mission.
Sign up on Patreon Date: 1st Tuesday of the month 9am pst
Augmented reality for social impact 
There are multiple ways that Augmented reality can be used to support environmental and social change from reimagining biophilic cities to simple Instagram sharing filters. In this workshop, I'll take you through the various technologies, softwares available and how you can apply them to various kinds of impact campaigns.
Sign up on Patreon Date: 1st Tuesday of the month 9am pst
Pledges and commitment devices 
Few things are as strong as a promise! We can use the deep need we have to "keep our word" as a simple action design tool. It's a pledge - asking someone to write down a commitment. In this workshop, I'll share examples, research, and ways you can implement it in your project. 
Sign up on Patreon Workshop: 1st Tuesday of the month 9am pst
"Katie's presentation gave me a solid base to begin the challenging task of tracking change . . . having been turned down for a grant or two for this very reason (we didn't have the behavior change data the foundations wanted), I hadn't understood how to even begin collecting this information in a meaningful way until I participated in this workshop."

- Constance Taylor 
California Center for Natural History, Oakland

"This is a very well-thought-out, detailed presentation of the material. My sense of digital design is far from sophisticated, and I was extremely impressed to see the many ways that data visualization may be brought to bear on environmental and other sorts of information. All of the projects include detailed explanations of how to carry out design projects, using photostock, graphics, and data manipulation tools, many free, that I was not aware of. Strongly recommended."

- Rebecca Skinner

Stanford Research Associate, Works on public displays of  air quality monitoring, San Francisco.

Public disclosure, A-B-C rankings, star ratings, and color
The basic behavior - gamification design is this - work out a number to publicly disclose, give an A,B,C rank, a star, a color, and maybe a smily face - and it works. In this workshop, I'll share examples of where this has been done and help you apply it to your mission. 
Sign up on Patreon Workshop: 1st Tuesday of the Month 9am pst
Rewards: badges, awards, smileys, confetti, and compliments
The brain loves to be rewarded! It loves to complete a goal, experience novelty, and get a cookie. Gamification designs rewards (like badges) for this enjoyment. In this workshop, I'll show you examples and go deeper into the reward system of the brain, and help you design reward system into your project.
Sign up on Patreon Workshop: 1st Tuesday of the month 9am pst
"Engaging and insightful. I walked away inspired and full of new ideas!"

- Dan White
CEO & Founder Filament Games

How to build a social media following for your cause
People do things because they imitate the people around them. In this workshop I'll share the research on how people adopt change via the social pressures of those around them and how you can design for imitation and identity. 
Workshop: 1st Tuesday of the Month
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Charismatic characters for action 
Creating your "I have a dream" speech to sell your vision
The art of onboarding and "foot in the door" technique
Comparison and leaderboards
Social norms, imitation, and identity
Map technology for action design
How to design a landing page that works
How to turn a group that "talks" into a movement that takes action
Declustering behaviors and "niching down" for impact
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"Katie Patrick has a mind that will be remembered for decades to come.

She approaches problems with unique creativity applied methodically. She sees solutions upside down and in reverse. This workbook helped define and narrow my fashion company in a way that 5 years of professional mentorships couldn’t touch."

– Hanna Davison
Fashion Entrepreneur, Activist
University of Georgia