"How to Save the World in 10 Steps"
Webinar February 22nd 2017
Time 1hr 17mins
Starts with hellos and intros. Skip to 3:58 mins to jump straight to presentation.
What I do
I'm an environmental engineer and a software designer. I help city innovators, sustainability managers and entrepreneaurs solve big environmental problems by using data, game design, and behavior change ('nudge') techniques.  I teach others how to do it too. 
Online Course

In coming months I'll be launching a video course on Udemy where I take you through my unique 10 step process of powerful social change strategy.
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The Workbook

Get the workbook that is full of tutorials, case studies, and a full strategic methodology to utilize data, game design and behavior change to unleash epic innovation for your cause.
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Design Sprints

Hire me to design your next 'Save the Earth' game or environmental data project. I'm a full stack designer, computer programmer and an environmental engineer. 
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