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What can gamification do for you?
These simple techniques can bring powerful results.
Providing simple digital award to Wikipedia editors increased thier contributions by 22%.
By ranking cities by health data. residents supported a new 1% tax to new build bike paths and urban greening.
Placing star ratings on consumer appliances increased water efficiency by 25%.
A sign that shows the quantity of recycled material increase recycling rates by 77%.
An emotive owl avator used in a learning app, increased student scores by 23%.

(References and more case studies in the course!)
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About me: I'm a San Francisco based environmental engineer and a software designer with 20 years experience in environmental sustainability.

I help entrepreneurs, city innovators, sustainability managers, and activists implement powerful data, game design and behavior change techniques that create epic and measurable change.

My approach is designed to sharply tap into your audience's motivational core. I can help you use these principles to unleash your greatest innovations, inspiration and creativity, so you can experience the joy of implemeting a project that really does change the world.