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Hello! I'm Katie. I'm an environmental engineer and software designer.

I'm the author of the book and podcast How to Save the Worldand a TEDx speaker on the critical role of creativity, optimism, and imagination in the craft of social and environmental change.

I design "Fitbit for the planet" apps that help social impact entrepreneurs and sustainability professionals implement powerful data, game design and behavior-change techniques that create real and measurable change. You can see my concept designs here. 

My approach is to design interfaces, products, and campaigns that sharply tap into people's motivational core. I can help you use these principles drawn from the latest research into environmental behavioral psychology, data science, and game design to unleash your greatest innovations, inspiration and creativity, so you can experience the joy of implementing a project that really does change the world.

If you think a gamified Earth sounds fun, you might enjoy joining these Fitbit for the Planet video hangouts I do each month with our community of world-changers and a special expert guest.

I'm the co-founder of Energy Lollipop and Urban Canopy in San Francisco —  startups that are devoted to bringing down the peak CO2 released by the electricity grid. You should install this neat Chrome extension we just launched that show's the grid's emissions in real-time.

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You and I probably have a lot in common

You want to wake up every morning tingling with excitement to get to work on fascinating project that is making a difference on a cause you really care about.

You want to be implementing the latest technology and learning exciting new things from within your projects.

But it's likely that’s not quite what’s going on if you work for most NGOs, government departments, or universities.. It’s actually pretty rare to see this full picture in action.

You’re often stuck under a bureaucracy that feels impossible to shift, yet you know it must be possible to make change happen if we just got a few things right.

I used to be like this too – until the lightning bolt finally hit me.

As an environmental engineer with 20 years experience in environmental change, founding a multi-million dollar environmental media company, and living the Silicon Valley #hackerlife (yes, just like the TV show), I really believe I've cracked a critical part of the code of social change.

I help senior environmental program managers, NGO executives, urban technology innovators, and city managers how to:

> Use better measurement driven systems and disclosure of data to underpin an upward spiral of positive change.

> Make change fun using gamification techniques that tap into people's motivational core.

> Unlock the door to your audience's psyche by using behavior-change techniques that work to drive motivation to change.

> Turn your stakeholders into cheerleaders for your cause using the power of good story telling.

Since I learned all these techniques, I actually now do live the world changer's dream. I work on some of the world’s most interesting projects. I get to meet some of the world’s most interesting people. I get paid to do what I love - and I actually shift the numbers on issues I care about. I can help you make saving the world the greatest game we've every played.

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Some cool things I've done
Speaking & Workshops 

I've hosted workshops and guest lectures on environmental behavior and gamification design at universities around the world, UNEP, Google, and the European Commission. 

UN General Assembly 

I was invited to give a short presentation at the United Nations General Assembly 2021 about the power of environmental imagination. Watch the video here.

Urban Heat Island Mapping with NASA JPL
With Earth Hacks and Urban Canopy, we worked with NASA JPL to create high resolution maps of the urban heat island using a new machine learning technique. 
TEDx Talk
 I gave my first TEDx talk at the Cal Poly Centre of the Performing Arts titled "Why Optimism and Creativity (not doom) will Save the Planet.
"Energy Lollipop" Chrome Extension
A Chrome extension that shows the California grid's CO2 emissions in real-time, revealing huge spikes and drops that happen throughout each 24 hours. Install it.
Concept Designs
I create concepts designs for innovative ideas to solve environmental problems. See here. 
The book - How to Save the World
Ranked by Forbes as top 5 books for social entrepreneurs. Seth Godin called it, "An urgent and useful guide for anyone who seeks to make a difference. It will change your work for the better."  Get a copy here.
"Detrash Your Life in 90 Days"
Authored this ultimate 40,000 word monster guide to zero waste living in January 2016, and it has received rave reviews! Available for purchase on Amazon.com
Detrashed: The Online Game
Designed and built an educational and behavior change game that teaches zero waste living. Built in the MEAN stack. Play the first level at detrashed.com
Detrashed Youtube Channel
Produced and hosted a series of much-loved zero waste tutorial videos on the Detrashed channel that now has over 5,000 subscribers. Check out the videos here.
Greenpag.es web application
Founded, designed and co-built the greenpag.es web application. Greenpag.es published geo-location tagged news articles, media releases and events from environmental organisations and universities around the world and had 20,000 active users. Built in LAMP stack.
Woman of the Year
Winner of Cosmopolitan Australia Magazine's Woman of the Year Award for Entreprenearship in 2008.
Board of Australia's national eco-label
A member of the board of directors for Australia's national eco label, Good Environmental Choice Australia, from 2008 to 2011.
Magazine & newspaper interviews
Been interviewed by many Australian magazines such as Vogue, Madison, Cream, Business Review Weekly, Vive, Antill, as well as newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Canberra Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Courier Mail about issues relating to green living during time as CEO and Founder of Green Pages 2006 - 2010.
Meeting Al Gore
Met Al Gore in 2007 at a special event to launch Australia's Finance Energy Exchange (FEX) to begin local carbon trading markets.
Brand Ambassador for Lipton Tea
Hired by the Ogilvy Earth advertising agency as a media and brand ambassador for the launch of Lipton Tea's Rainforest Alliance Certification in 2009.
Green Pages Magazines & Directories
Founder and CEO of Green Pages publications from 2006 - 2010. Green Pages was an $4m Australian venture-funded print and web publishing company that produced five publications per year. It was known as the "Wired magazine for sustainability".
National television interviews
Interviewed on the ABC News, Sky News and morning chat show 9am with David and Kim 
Computational fluid dynamics
Modelled internal temperature using computational fluid dynamic software, PHOENICS, for Melbourne's iconic world class green building Council House II  whilst working at engineering company Lincolne Scott. 
Property Council Sustainability Committee Victoria
Vice Chair of the Sustainability Committee of Australia's most powerful lobby groups in property, The Property Council of Australia. Advocated for improved environmental building regulation and reviewed new green policies in the commercial building sector.

Katie Patrick is an Australian-American environmental engineer, designer, and author of How to Save the World: How to Make Changing the World the Greatest Game We've Ever Played. She specializes in what she calls “Fitbit for the Planet” design – which means applying data-driven gamification and behavior-change techniques to environmental problems. Katie has worked on environmental gamification projects with NASA JPL, Stanford University, UNEP, Google, the University of California, Magic Leap, and the Institute for the Future.

Katie is the founder of UrbanCanopy.io, a map-based application that uses satellite imaging of urban heat islands and vegetation cover to encourage urban greening and cooling initiatives. She is also the co-founder of Energy Lollipop, a Chrome extension and outdoor screen project that shows the electric grid's CO2 emissions in real-time.

Katie has been a media spokesperson on environmental issues and has been featured on TV, radio and in print publications including Vogue Australia. She was CEO of the VC-funded green-lifestyle magazine Green Pages Australia and was appointed environmental brand ambassador by the Ogilvy Earth advertising agency for Volkswagen, Lipton Tea and Wolfblass Wines.

She has served on the board of Australia’s national eco label,
Good Environmental Choice Australia, and won the Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year Award for entrepreneurship.  After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a B.Eng in Environmental Engineering, she worked as an environmental design engineer for building engineers Lincoln Scott in Sydney on some of the world’s first platinum-LEED-certified commercial buildings.

Katie lives in San Francisco with her young daughter, Anastasia.


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