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What is The IMAGINE Project?

The IMAGINE Project is a community-driven movement that gives people tools, activities, and social support to re-imagine their cities as biophilic, ecologically harmonious, and beautiful places. We aim for our community to be focused on equal parts creative visualization and real on-the-ground ecological transformation. 

A network of people sharing the practice of imagining a better world
We are a group of environmental community leaders, designers, and influencers who want to spark a positive vision for a better world. Sign up to join our next group meetup on Zoom and community on Discord.
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Guided audio visualizations to manifest a greener future
Guided meditations help the brain subside the "busy" executive functioning and allow a deeper creative and transformative experience. This 35 minute free guided meditation takes the listener though environmental issues and helps you visualize new ideas for change. The experience improves personal agency, motivation, and emotional resiliency. 
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Earth Imagination Toolkit
Sign up and download our free twelve-page Earth Imagination The kit explores the building blocks of ecological cities and has printable activities, eco-future scripts, and idea-prompts you can use for your class, community group, work place, or your own personal brainstorming practice.
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"Imagine your city" event
Can you re-imagine a neighborhood or street in your city? We're inviting schools and businesses around the world to host an environmental imagination workshop asking people to draw, ideate, and imagine a "before and after" vision of what their city could become.
We hope to curate a catalogue of examples of re-imagined ecological futures and real-life "before and after" projects into a hardcopy book. This book will help people get ideas, stay inspired, and show how it really is possible to replace concrete with plants. 
Psychology and neuroscience resources
The practice of imagining a better world has powerful psychological roots. We compiled research papers and this podcast that reveal the benefits that imagining positive environmental outcomes has on political engagement, mental concentration, and pro-environmental behavior.
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Gallery of ecotopia  futures
Architects, designers, and artists around the world are illustrating cities re-imagined with thriving vegetation, bike paths, and designed for humans and nature (not cars). We compiled these artworks to inspire you for what the future could become. 
Image gallery
Action support
Imagining a better world will only make a difference when we can implement the ideas we imagine. Our community aims to curate practical steps you can take to make urban greening projects such as green walls, tree plantings, and community gardens come to life in your city.
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Earth Imagination Day 
Earth Day could be expanded into "Earth Imagination Day." The mission for Earth Imagination Day is for people share a vision, poem, illustration, animation or idea for each person's "I have a dream speech" for the planet. We are hoping that Earth Imagination Day gets adopted by groups and schools around the world. 
Immersive AR experience design
To get property developers and city governments excited about a biophilic future, we need to sell the vision. We can use augmented reality glasses to create immersive experiences where people can walk around and "see" an ecotopia future. It could be used to influence decision-makers to support real-life projects.
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Artworks of ecological futures 
A beautiful way to stay inspired is to put a picture of the biophilic future on your wall. Have a look at artwork prints of eco-future visualizations to inspire you.
Mentor & buddy matching
If you want to build a green wall or establish a pocket park, what better way to start than to get matched with a mentor who's done it before? We aim to match aspiring eco-imagineers with experienced biophilic architects, engineers, landscapers, roofers, and builders who can help guide their students to make their projects come to life.
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Property developer outreach
Most of the built environment is designed and constructed by private property developers and governments. We need the biophilic ecotopia dream to take hold in the hearts and minds of property developers. We hope to develop a program and presentation to help the vision to commercial developers and architects. 
Nothing is as powerful as an idea who's time has come
Vertical Forest by Stefano Boeri
"We need to hatch open the dream that another world is possible."
Artwork by WATG
Artwork by Caroline Lindquist

Artwork by Vincent Callebaut
Ideas are like stars that shine light from the future back to use, lighting up the path of where we need to go.
Artwork by Vincent Callebaut
It's time to imagine a better world where humanity lives in elegant symbiosis with nature, rather that at the expense of it.
Artwork by Terreform One

Why imagining a better world matters

The environmental movement has been sounding the alarm about ecological catastrophe for decades.

But a consistent message of climate doom and future apocalypse comes at a cost. Scary information can cause people to feel overwhelmed, to freeze up, and decrease their brain's executive functioning - and these emotional responses fail at driving people to take action.

It's time for the environmental movement to embrace a new age. Instead of condemning what we are against, we also need to illustrate the new kind of world that we are for.

Imagining a new and desirable world matters.

It matters because a vision is a goal that people can work towards. It gives people hope, optimism, and agency. It's a tool leaders use to inspire action - and a vision sparks ideas and problem-solving. 

The imagination is a human being's greatest superpower. It is the seed from which every innovation throughout history has been born.

No amount of money can manifest the kind deep inspired focus that erupts humans when they are on a mission to invent, create, and master something new. It comes from a deeper power - and when that power is hatched, people really do change the world.

It instills a sense of power that it is possible to erode current unsustainable systems - like fossil fuels and disposable plastic - and a vision helps to erode the inertia that comes when trying to change anything. It lends us agency to bring new systems - like solar power, local urban agriculture, plant-based foods - into reality.

Research shows that creative imagination exercise lead to pro-environmental behavior and political action.

No one tells us that we can reimagine the world around us. The physical world of roads, buildings, canals, pipelines, and factories is not fixed. It's our canvass, our building blocks, and our clay to turn into whatever we can dream it to be. 

The IMAGINE Project provides a toolkit, a community, activities, and events to help people cultivate the practice of environmental imagination. Our aim is to help people put to use their greatest superpower - the ability to imagine another possible reality, and to innovate to make it come true.

Themes to imagine
We can re-imagine almost every kind of building, neighborhood, product, and process into it's ultimate ecologically harmonious potential. 
Imagine all cars are electric and powered by renewable energy
Imagine biophilic cities draped in vegetation
Imagine car-free cities
Imagine a zero waste plastic-free food system 
Imagine clean, thriving, and plastic-free oceans
Imagine plant-based eating as a widespread norm and  factory farming has ended
Imagine ecosystems protected and biodiversity returning
Imagine gas pipelines closed down and replaced with renewable energy 
Imagine food is grown everywhere
Imagine landfill is extinct and manufacturing has closed the loop on waste
Imagine air pollution is gone and cities smell fresh and clean
Imagine wildlife corridors for plants and animals running through cities
Our favorite artists
Get inspired with these portfolios of artworks of what the future could become.
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Who's behind the IMAGINE project? 
Hello! My name is Katie Patrick. I started The IMAGINE Project out a personal calling to help people imagine biophilic cities and a beautiful ecologically harmonious future. I've been concerned that the overwhelming negative news about the planet isn't positioning us for the epic innovation and tenacity that is required to solve climate change and build sustainable cities.

I believe we need a positive vision of what we want the world to become, so we can get better ideas, get more inspired, and get to work to make it happen.

I recently gave a TEDx talk sharing my manifesto for why we need optimism, vision, and creativity (not doom) to save the world and I gave this short talk at the 2021 United Nations General Assembly on the need for environmental imagination.
I'm an Australian-American environmental engineer and "Fitbit for the Planet" designer. I started my career as green building engineer and now I design software using environmental behavior-change and gamification principles.

I'm the author of the book 
How to Save the World - How to Make Changing the World the Greatest Game We've Ever Played that was ranked by Forbes in the top 5 books on social entrepreneurship and is recommended reading by the United Nations task-force for digital transformation.

I host the
How to Save the World Podcast where I interview PhD researchers on the evidence-based environmental psychology that drives pro-environmental action. 

Learn more and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.