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My online course will teach you essential tactics on how to rock the world of social and environmental change.
Save the World with Gamification

Dramatically increase your audience's motivation with these 15 fabulous easy-to-implement game techniques.
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What people are saying
“An excellent and informative event. The presenter is very talented and the information she conveyed was very interesting.”
- Ian Fletcher,
Senior Economist & Author of "Why Free Trade Doesn't Work"
"Very insightful and thought-provoking. Great presentation style. I especially appreciated the idea that sustainable change requires us to establish a metric for progress toward that change."
- Jim Cybulski,
PhD, Engineer at Foldscope Instruments
"I am loving your "How to Save the World" lecture
 . . .  I am only half way through it and cannot wait to rewatch it again soon. So many gems! Thanks for putting this out into the world."

- Erin Rhodes,
Writer & Speaker on the Zero Waste Lifestyle
"Excellent presentation, very relevant to any project or start up" - Mark G, R.N.
"Katie's presentation gave me a solid base to begin the challenging task of tracking change . . . having been turned down for a grant or two for this very reason (we didn't have the behavior change data the foundations wanted), I hadn't understood how to even begin collecting this information in a meaningful way until I participated in this workshop."
- Constance Taylor,
California Center for Natural History
"Katie's approach to doing valuable and impactful work is very well thought out and put together. Her presentation is entertaining, creative and most importantly informative.
I love her style - simple and engaging. She will really drive you to figure out how you are making social or environmental change through your own work!"

- Valentina Ferenac,
Sustainability Strategist