This course helps
-> world-changers, sustainability professionals & entrepreneurs 

learn how to implement
-> 15 unique gamification techniques 

so you can
-> powerfully motivate your people to create real and measurable change on the causes you care about.
Could saving the world be a game?
Hell yeah it can. But you have to do it right. 

The secret behind good game design is that it taps into the motivational core of our being. There are many game mechanics we can apply to social and environmental problems that cause people to change in a way that is fun, inspired, and innovative.

In this video-course, I will be teaching you to implement fifteen specific game mechanics for your cause. We will learn means that are either high-tech (for programmers and UI designers), or low-tech (using no more than a pen and big peice of paper).

This course is unique to other courses in game design or gamification because it is centred around making real and measurable change in the world, so we have a few different, yet critical, principles to focus on.

What people are saying
“An excellent and informative event. The presenter is very talented and the information she conveyed was very interesting.”
- Ian Fletcher,
Senior Economist & Author of "Why Free Trade Doesn't Work"
"Very insightful and thought-provoking. Great presentation style. I especially appreciated the idea that sustainable change requires us to establish a metric for progress toward that change."
- Jim Cybulski,
PhD, Engineer at Foldscope Instruments
"I am loving your "How to Save the World" lecture
 . . .  I am only half way through it and cannot wait to rewatch it again soon. So many gems! Thanks for putting this out into the world."

- Erin Rhodes,
Writer & Speaker on the Zero Waste Lifestyle
"Excellent presentation, very relevant to any project or start up" - Mark G, R.N.
"Katie's presentation gave me a solid base to begin the challenging task of tracking change . . . having been turned down for a grant or two for this very reason (we didn't have the behavior change data the foundations wanted), I hadn't understood how to even begin collecting this information in a meaningful way until I participated in this workshop."
- Constance Taylor,
California Center for Natural History
"Katie's approach to doing valuable and impactful work is very well thought out and put together. Her presentation is entertaining, creative and most importantly informative.
I love her style - simple and engaging. She will really drive you to figure out how you are making social or environmental change through your own work!"

- Valentina Ferenac,
Sustainability Strategist
What can gamification do for you?
Providing simple digital award to Wikipedia editors increased thier contributions by 22%.
By ranking cities by health data. residents supported a new 1% tax to new build bike paths and urban greening.
Placing star ratings on consumer appliances increased water efficiency by 25%.
A sign that shows to quantity of recycled material increase recycling rates by 77%.
An emotive owl avator used in a learning app, increased student scores by 23%.

(References and more case studies in the course!)
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What you get in this course
Over 60 minutes of HD Video tutorials
Clear explanations of 15 different game design techniques
Worksheets and homework excercises for each game design technique.
Access to me in the Facebook group to ask questions
Example designs with links to further design and programming resources
Evidence from academic studies proving the effectiveness of these techniques
High tech and low tech gamification templates so you can gamify by writing code or using a pen and paper
Hello! I'm Katie

I'm a San Francisco based environmental engineer and a software designer. I made this course for you because this stuff works . It's hella fun to learn too!

I help entrepreneurs and world-changers implement powerful data, game design and behavior change techniques that create epic and measurable change.

During my 20 years experience in environmental change, I've founded a multi-million dollar environmental media company, I've designed several web and mobile applications, I've lived within the deep nerd scene of Silicon Valley, been a board-member of Australia's national eco-label, and been an environmental brand ambassador, speaker and author. 

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What is this funny word "gamification"?
If you're new to the wonderful world of gamification, then you've got a treat ahead of you! 

"Gamification" is the process of borrowing features we commonly see in games and applying them to the real world. This means we would give out awards, badges, or stars to encourage our audience to complete a task. We also might leverage social competition, use color to indicate performance, or simply track progress in a public way. 

Did you mother or school teacher ever make you a star chart on the fridge and give you a star for every day that you did a thing? That's gamification! (My mum made me one to stop me sucking my thumb, it worked!) Have you ever used an excercise tracker like a Fitbit? That's gamification too. It can as low tech as putting stickers on paper, or as high tech as smartphone app connected to a electronic sensors.

Here are three common gamification techniques you may be familiar with: 
Star charts

Digital awards

Progress bars

Star charts aren't just for kids. They can also be used in an office to enourage employees' eco-friendly behavior. Each employee gets a cute dolphin sticker for each day they recycle. It works, you'd be suprised how powerfully motivating dolphin stickers are, even in corporate office!

Gamification has been studied by universities all over the world and has been proven time and time again to improve human performance.  Gamification doesn't really mean inventing new traditional games like "Angry Birds for recycling' or "Scrabble for doing housework". It's about understanding how we can drive human motivation to do more good things, and these techniques can be applied to just about anything.

In this course, "Save the World with Gamification". I explain how you can implement 15 unique gamification techniques. Each gamification technique comes with example designs, case studies and evidence from academic research proving how it works to drive change. If you're in the business of trying to get any kind of humans to do any kind of thing (which most of us are!) then I pinky-swear promise there will be some nuggets of gold in this course that you can apply to your special niche.

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