Design Sprint
Hire me to design you an epic win
I really want to design a behavior-change game for you that will save the world!

I offer one day design sprints where I unleash my unique design and idea storming skills on your special cause.

I will study your data systems and I will design you a behavior change application.
 At the end, you will have a set of tangiable copyright-free designs and a full effective change strategy that features the latest technology and research in behavioral psychology.

What do you get?
It's pretty fabulous.
1. Data review
I will study your data systems and make reccomendations based on the latest technology for improving your collection hardware (such as sensors, satellites, GPS, and drones), new data services, hosting systems and API data accessibility to get your organisation on the cutting edge of data technology.
2. Design mock ups
I will design a mockup of your game or application for the digital interface you need. I'll design for mobile, desktop or wall mounted screen types. I also design low tech solutions your cause might need such as signage, stickers, or star charts.
3. Behavior change techniques
You will receive a set of specific behavior-change techniques applied for your cause. These techniques are drawn from the world's leading researchers in behavior design and environmental psychology. 
4. Gamification design
I will provide you with suite of proven gamification features you can use to motivate your audience to acheive the target behaviors you want them to do. 
5. Idea Storm
I have a unique gift of coming up with lighteningbolt ideas quickly and easily. I want to share my idea storming talents with you! I will download all the ideas from my brain and into your design document . . . and you can keep them :)
6. Scorecard
I will run your organisation or department through my trademark 'Effective Action' rating system and provide you with a tailored scorecard based on your progress in technology and behavior design. I will provide reccomendations and ideas on how to improve your score in your scorecard document.
7. Strategy mini report
I will provide my reccomend strategy on how to improve your scorecard and I will provide you with overall tips for improving your effectiveness in leveraging data and behavior change.
Full day 
Get your design sprint
  • Data review and technology reccomendations.
  • Design mockups for iphone, desktop or low tech
  • Behavior change techniques
  • Gamification design 
  • Idea storm
  • Scorecard
  • Strategy mini report
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I'd love to hear about your project! I'm happy talk on the phone or skype first.
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